The Digital_Bridges project develops a game-based learning environment for social services training. This educational game provides realistic practice scenarios for students and practitioners in a simulated environment that is built in 3D. The game offers real advantages for learners - situations and procedures that might be difficult or even impossible to practice in real world can be rehearsed in the virtual environment without the fear of failure. This improves capabilities of learners to manage these situations in real life situations.

The project examines the viability of a games-based approach to providing realistic practice learning scenarios. Developing an educational game is an interdisciplinary project. Initial consultations between staff in games development, psychology, Social Work and Childhood Practice show agreement that a games-based approach could potentially be useful in this area.

An Immersive Games Approach to Skills Development in Human Services (Digital_Bridges) is an Erasmus+ KA3 Multilateral Project funded by the EU.

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Teacher Training (Finnish)

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Teacher Training (Lithuanian)

Teacher Training (Bulgarian)

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